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Buy An Envelope Making Machine

Over 20 years of experience in the envelope industry at your fingertips, let us know your needs and we will recommend the best envelope manufacturing machine the market has to offer. We have been buying and selling envelope equipment for years, and have a track record that stretches over five continents (references available upon request), with very satisfied customers in North, Central, and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and a staff fluent in English, Spanish, French (to name a few) you know you are in good hands. If you are a start up, we will offer you the best advice, free of charge, on which machines you will need to manufacture your envelopes, whether you buy those machines from us or not; just email us the answers to the questions below, and we will get back to you with our recommendation. If you are an existing envelope manufacturer, and already know which machine (s) you wish to purchase, then we would be glad to locate it for you, wherever that machine may be in the world, we can also assist in dismantling, shipping, customs clearing, delivery to your door, installation and training if necessary. We specialize in the following machines: WINKLER+DUNNEBIER (W+D 102, W+D 202, W+D 327, W+D 527, W+D 627, W+D 26, W+D 29, W+D 38, W+D 801, W+D 31J…), FL SMITHE (RA600, RA 800, SW, BOE, WR, WRW, WRW-K-PC, LO, MOPC, SO, RM…), HALM (HALM JET, HALM SUPER JET and HALM SUPER JET+, HALM EM4000, HALM EM5000…) PEARCE, DIAMOND, and more, At Jet Warehouse, we sell the best, service the rest.

– What type of envelopes do you wish to produce? Open End (pockets) or Open Side (commercial)
– What is the annual quantity per envelope style
– What are the sizes of each envelope format (min and maximum size)
– What is the paper weight
– Is there any printing on the envelope? (inside, outside) and is it Flexo or Offset
– Is there a window on the front of the envelope?
– Do you have a warehouse or a mufacturing plant at the moment where you wish to install this machine? What kind of electrical is available at this location? (Volts/Hertz?Amps)
– Do you have a dock height loading unit
– Do you jave vacuum pump? compressed air?
– What is your budget for this project?
– Are you ready to make this purchase right now?
– Do you have a good adjuster who can dismantle and put this machine back together?
– What is the name of your company, address, phone number and email address
– Are you the person in charge of buying and selling your company’s equipment