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Lease Your Envelope Printer

Perhaps you think that buying a Halm Jet Press envelope printer would cause you financial hardship, or that it wouldn't pay for itself. Maybe you're not sure that a Halm Jet Press would improve your envelope printing business. You wish you could only have a "test drive, " or a way to get your feet wet in envelope printing before you decide to take the plunge and buy an envelope machine outright.

Your wishes to have a Halm Jet Press envelope printer in your shop are now within your grasp. We've created a way for you to try out a Halm Jet Press at a non-committal, reasonable cost – there's really no need to procrastinate. We've chosen to lease only Halm Jet Presses simply because our customers tell us that when considering cost, setup time, reliability and speed, a Halm Jet Press envelope printer is simply the best in the market. That translates to maximum efficiency and happy customers for both of us.

We offer both long and short term leasing of your Halm Jet Press envelope printer, subject to credit qualifying criteria. We believe that it takes our customers four months to determine whether a Halm Jet Press will improve their business. Our minimum recommend lease term is four months, and our maximum term is four years. If you decide that it's the time to own a Halm Jet Press envelope printer, we will apply a predetermined percentage of the lease payments that you've already paid toward a predetermined purchase price. To paraphrase a famous line from the movies, "Lease It, and They Will Come" You have options, please contact us to discuss them.

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