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All of the Halm Jet Presses that we rebuild go through the following thorough process:

  • The envelope printer is stripped to the frame.
  • The printer frame is cleaned, primed and painted.
  • We replace all printer ink rollers, water metering rollers, water form rollers, plate cylinders and shafts, blanket cylinder and shaft, bearings and bushings, and belts.
  • We replace printer pusher chains, solenoids, and oil lines and fittings.
  • We rewire the envelope printer and  install new micro switches.
  • We rebuild the ink fountains and feeders and vacuum pump.
  • Our rebuilt envelope printer comes with a 90-day warranty covering parts and labor that are installed by Jetwarehouse technicians.
  • We provide 2-days of installation and training. The customer must secure an electrician to hookup the envelope printer.
  • Our rebuilt Halm Jet Presses come with an operator's manual.

Please check our list of available envelope printers. If you do not find the right printer, please e-mail your inquiry and we will contact you as soon as one is available.